Having a garden can be very stressful.

First, a whole bunch of nasturtiums grew out of nowhere. I had planted one in a pot a few years ago, but aphids destroyed it. A seed must have fallen into a crack in the patio and this year we were deluged by nasturtiums.

_MG_0162 (1)

Then the dreaded aphids made their appearance.

After a prolonged fight with the little bastards, I finally gave up because they were moving to my other plants. With a heavy heart, I tore that plant out of my patio and drowned the wee feckers in a bucket of water. I was contemplating pouring boiling water over them – but the bees.

Here they lie dead behind the shed.


Everything ends up behind the shed.

Then yesterday, I had to fight the triffid. It is a bugger of a creeper that we were once delighted with. But no more.

It had crawled up my cordyline.


Then, to add to my woes, my cherry tree is cherrying.


I have been trying to pick them before the birds eat them.

So, today a murmer of starlings descended on my cherry tree. The word has gone out. Irish has cherries. I swear to god, I was walking the dog this morning, and a pigeon suddenly flew out of a tree and headed to my house. It knew I was AWOL. Free for all.


Even if I do say so myself. I love this photo!!!!!

I’ve managed to salvage the raspberries.


The end.

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3 Responses to War

  1. Totally agree, but giving up really doesn’t work since Mother Nature wins in the end. Just gotta keep that sense of humor of yours. Bummer on your aphids. I have vine in my greenbelt between neighbors that has climbed to the top of 30 year old trees and is taking over the universe. It’s one scary plant that replicates itself in many modalities. I’ve heard that burning is the only way to keep its vines/leaves from replicating. I have Cherries, too. The crows and squirrels have been the winners – – and have left me with the leaf and twig debris of their feasting.

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