I Give You…The President Of The USA

Oh my f*cking god.

Sorry God.


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7 Responses to I Give You…The President Of The USA

  1. Pretty unbelievable ! I think the government is currently a bit like a ferris wheel or roller coast where the ride operator has left his post and the ride is in continuous motion until . . . . ?? I certainly don’t have any idea of how this will all end. Sometimes I worry throughout the day, other days I just can’t bother to care. He certainly is a shallow, one dimensional kind of a man that doesn’t possess an ounce of caring for the needs of anyone outside his immediate protective circle. As others have said, history will not be kind and the word ‘trump’ will have a whole different connotation. As for the government getting every citizens voting information, good grief? If he would get it, his government is so non-functional I doubt that they’d have a clue how to process it. Perhaps the hue and cry of this ridiculousness will be the hole that sinks the ship. This 5 month old craziness can’t go on forever, that’s for sure.

  2. Moles says:

    Rachel Maddow’s thoughts on his behavior are interesting. 

  3. lindak1961 says:

    Like we say in the South, “he ain’t right!”

  4. CC ... says:

    I am happy to report that our forever President is in Indonesia — we have missed him at every stop– everyone here loves President Obama –everyone — it is heartening to know that when they ask where we are from –they mention president Obama — not the orange troll currently inhabiting our White House. There is hope!

  5. Moles says:

    Maddow said all politicians use the tactic of deflecting away from a subject they don’t want to discuss, to try to drag the viewers’ attention to the decoy subject. Trump takes it a step further, he doesn’t merely deflect or annoy, his object is to offend. To do or say something that is do repulsive it takes our attention completely away from the thing(s) he doesn’t want to discuss and makes us want to respond to his repellent behavior. The fact that it tarnishes the office he holds and the reputation of the country is of no consequence. He doesn’t give a fig for either.

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