Will Susan Collins Wipe The Smirk Off The Ugly Turtle?

It takes a woman to have some balls.


I have to add that I feel that I have neglected my blog somewhat. Due mostly to a feeling of horror and astonishment about what is going on in the US. I just couldn’t keep up even though I was glued to my pooter. I didn’t/and don’t know what to say to Americans faced with Trumpcare and the rest of Obama’s legacy that he is trying to undo.

It is a nightmare.


Today, I took a break from politics. I decided to go to the “biggest mall in Ireland.” Once 20 year old daughter became aware of my plans, she decided she was going too. Between the time it took her to get ready and the time we got there, I was feeling faint from lack of food.

So we spent about an hour and a half  in the tapas restaurant and had a lovely afternoon. I bought a dress and she bought makeup in preparation for her three week interrailing trip across Europe.

It felt so good.

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3 Responses to Will Susan Collins Wipe The Smirk Off The Ugly Turtle?

  1. 40Watt says:

    Sometimes, you have to kick back and indulge yourself.

  2. View_From_Here says:

    Hola IG! Here’s something else to help you relax!

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