Crazy Sunday Night

So, last night I made a comment on a thread on Twitter. I mentioned that I was Irish, and the likes and the retweets were thick and fast. I was gobsmacked.

This morning I looked at my notifications on Twitter and noticed a Belgium woman living in Cork, Ireland had followed me. Intrigued, I looked at her bio and discovered that she had an award-winning food blog. Of course I had to peruse that blog as I’m a foodie person.

You wouldn’t think that to look at me. I don’t think I have been over eight stone in 15 years. but I do love to cook and I’m getting better at it.

To add to that, hubby and I have decided to go vegetarian. I’m not too serious about it, I’ll eat what I want and if I want to eat half a cow, then so be it, but am enjoying the veggie ¬†thing so far.

The trouble is that veggie food requires a bit of work. Mucho chopping. Mucho bowel movements…

To get back to my original point, my new found foodie blog pointed me in the direction of the film Julie and Julia.

Wow. What a delight. Loved it. It was about cooking and blogging with a small amount of McCarthy thrown in.

Meryl Streep is Julia Childs.

I swear to god that I laughed so hard at parts of it that my hubby came downstairs to ask if daughter and I were having a row. I was wiping away the tears from my eyes.

I need to laugh silently..

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2 Responses to Crazy Sunday Night

  1. What a nice story for the day. Glad you found Julia and Julia . Seems like you’re always cooking up something great both literally and figuratively. Wonderful to have a zillion and one recipes instantly online. In the olden days I’d be racing to the library to find something different. Have fun being vegetarian!

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I was going to order a cookbook because I love food photography. I’ll just stay online methinks and keep my money for a holiday in the US after the impeachment party.

      Wishful thinking.

      If they are going to look at social media and what have you as a requirement for entry to the US…then I am f*cked. Why oh why did I respond to the shitgibbon on twitter?

      Vegetarian is really tasty so far. I’m eating like a horse.

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