My Garden

Regina from Whattimeisoclock inspired this post.

_MG_0170 (1).JPG


_MG_0151 (2)


_MG_0153 (2)_MG_0154 (1)

_MG_0155 (1)



_MG_0158 (2)

_MG_0159 (1)


_MG_0161 (1)

_MG_0162 (1)


Night scented stock!!!! Just giving off its first heavenly scent last night.

_MG_0167 (1)

Herb garden. Mint, sage, oregano, parsley and chives. The thyme, coriander (cilantro) and rosemary are just outside the back door. Dill too.


We have two different sides to our garden. I call this the country side. Ali loves to lay on the surfboard cover when it’s warm.  We say she is surfing…  Anyway on this side, we have raspberries, strawberries, hazelnuts and pears. And yes, that is my washing hanging on the line.


This is the city side. A wee bit more refined.

I nearly forgot…


Basil ( I can grow it) and bay leaves.


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6 Responses to My Garden

  1. stillregina says:

    This is a gorgeous post! ❤️

  2. 40Watt says:

    Lovely. I can smell the stock from here.🌹

  3. So pretty and inviting. Good job, IG.

  4. CC ... says:

    So so beautiful! Thank you for the lovely photos your beautiful jardin. xoxoxox

  5. Lovely! You have so many of the plants I would have if I had a garden 🙂 Very cheery and colorful – and I also like the clothes on the line. They smell so good when gathered in.

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