Trump Doubles Down On Khan Statement

Donald Ttrump is doing some serious tweeting today. I wonder if he is bothered by the Comey hearing on Thursday? He certainly appears to want to distract from something.

His latest tweet was about 20 minutes ago and he is doubling down on the Khan statement which is completely wrong. He has taken a few words way out of context. Everyone knows at this stage that the mayor of London was talking about an increased police presence in London over the next few days.


Sadly, I’m hearing that there has been a workplace shooting in Orlando with multiple fatalities and Trump can’t even be bothered to address that.

This man is a piece of shit.

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4 Responses to Trump Doubles Down On Khan Statement

  1. bojoflo says:

    BTW, IG — Whenever (most of the times), I click on the ‘like’ — this is not always b/c I like what is in the article, but Big ‘Likes’ for YOU! I really do like, and appreciate all you do here, keeping us all informed with everything – good or bad.
    So, please take my ‘likes’ personally as my appreciation to you — they are always meant for you. ♥
    Have an awesome day — 😉

  2. 40Watt says:

    Schumer: Trump should blame himself for vacancies

    “If the President is looking for someone to blame on the slow pace of confirmations, he needs only to look in the mirror. There are more than 500 Senate confirmable positions. Even though it is now June, the administration has failed to select a nominee for 442 of them,” Schumer said in a statement on Monday.

    He added that Trump “ought to roll up his sleeves and get to work rather than pointing false fingers of blame.”

  3. uberduck says:

    Lying sack of shit. A friend of mine said she thought of me the other day when she was shoveling dogshit into an orange trash bag. We laughed.

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