Oh Those Hearings

Brennan was good. The news he imparted was bad for the GOP.

Well we had heard that PO had a meeting with McConnell and wanted to go public with the information about Russia. McConnell wouldn’t do it and threatened to call it partisan interference or something similar regarding the election.

But by god, there is no denying that they knew about Russian interference and possible collusion with the Trump campaign.  They knew about it before that meeting with Brennan. Remember that “keep it in the family” quip by Ryan when McCarthy postulated that Trump was being paid by the Russians?



It benefitted them.  They got their stooge onto the Supreme Court and now they are trying to gut the US to enrich their wealthy benefactors.

Also and too, Trey Gowdy didn’t fare too well with Brennan today. What’s interesting about Gowdy is that his PAC contributions doubled last year. All of these fuckers are on the take. It is in their own best interests to shut all of these investigations down. They are all complicit in stealing an election.

And then there is Dan Coats.

I watched some of that hearing and he didn’t exactly inspire confidence. He was clearly very uncomfortable with the line of questioning from the Dems. At the time, I had no idea who he was, but I came away thinking that this guy is beholden to Trump. Sure enough, he is another Republican appointed to his position in March. I also think he is a liar. There were too many tells there.

This swamp is so fetid that it is actually hard to watch these vile creatures try to destroy the US.

I’m depressed.


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One Response to Oh Those Hearings

  1. rj40 says:

    If you think you’re depressed you should live here in the US.Every day I get so depressed that I can’t afford to move to another country.This is like living in a nightmare and there is no waking up.

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