WTF Was That?

Why I do believe it was a curtsy.

Cue outrage…

But Obama wore a tan suit.

So we’re even.


Donnie, having toned down the orange look was in Saudi Arabia to sell them arms to kill people in Yemen. Not content with killing his fellow Americans by refusing to pay healthcare industries money for the poor etc. he has now crossed the border into the Middle East. Build that fucking wall!

Meanwhile, back in the good ole US of A, the turtle and the creature from some spooky movie are still burying their rather horrendous heads in the sand. Word is out on spook street that they may find that this  band of marauding monsters are up shit creek. Being Australian (also Irish), I love a good creek. You have no idea of the undesirables that reside in those cesspools.

I fucking know. Dip your toes in that water and crabs grab you. It is deplorable.

I am not a Facebook person, but I went sleuthing last night. I happened to come across my cousin from NJ.  One can look up their photos and musical interests and whatevs.


I haven’t spoken to him since I told him to rot in hell over the healthcare vote.

I probably should keep my mouth shut.


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2 Responses to WTF Was That?

  1. uberduck says:

    “I probably should keep my mouth shut.” Or not.

  2. lindak1961 says:

    Yeah, that was a curtsy, but a wimpy one. If old fata$$ hadn’t tweeted outrage over Obama’s bow, no one would care.

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