What fresh hell awaits us today?


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3 Responses to Saturday

  1. It is a sad commentary when the 1st thing I asked my family this morning when I got up was “so what has the President done today?” I slept in a bit and am on the West Coast so he’s had HOURS to discombobulate and wreak havoc on the world. Yup, Piglet has it right!

  2. lindak1961 says:

    I agree with Piglet.

  3. Scarsdale says:

    EVERY day I hope that he has resigned. Maybe Vlad refuses to allow that to happen? The only good thing I read today about the vile family is that Jared’s relatives will not be selling $500,000 visas to Chinese this weekend. I am sure that will resume shortly. Jesus, even their shirt tail relatives are on the grift.

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