Friday Tweets From Twump – Press Briefings In Trouble

I don’t know what he’s been watching on TV but he is letting loose with a barrage of tweets.

Friday tweets

So Spicey and Sanders have been caught out in too many lies and he’s going to cancel the briefings. F*cking cowards, the lot of them.


He hasn’t finished yet.

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4 Responses to Friday Tweets From Twump – Press Briefings In Trouble

  1. Good grief, that’s quite manic! So tired of the use of ‘fake news.’ I’m sure it will be an immediate entry into the New Dictionary. I guess if he thinks all news but what comes of his mouth is ‘fake news’, then i must be a ‘fake American’ and I’ll proudly accept the title under that criteria.. He’s no public servant. I’ve been calling him an idiot for months, so was happy to see it was word #1 for many other fake Americans. Axxhxle is my 2nd go to used at home when watching TV. It wasn’t far down the list.

  2. abbafan says:

    Hello Irish! The orange shit-gibbon is shitting himself in fear! Comey should call his bluff publicly, and demand that he prove his claim! This is outright intimidation and witness tampering! I would love to see Comey hold nothing back next week, when he appears in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Remember, now that he will address the committee as a private citizen, he is not bound by any “executive privilege”. Comey will rip trump a new arse hole, which will be put to use immediately!!

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