Fallout From Comey Firing And Pressure Builds On Rosenstein

I like how Jake points out that in his letter to Comey, Trump doesn’t even mention the emails but he does reference the Russia investigation. Sort of a big giveaway for the reason behind the firing.

Courtesy of Raw Story:

President Donald Trump thanked James Comey for notifying him three times that he was not under FBI investigation, but associates of the ousted FBI director said that simply was not true.

Comey’s associates insist the former FBI director never gave the president any guidance, which they said would violate longstanding policies on criminal investigations, reported The Wall Street Journal.

“That is literally farcical,” said one associate.

The White House claimed that Comey had lost the trust of rank-and-file FBI agents, but many have told reporters the mood inside the agency is somber after the director’s firing.

Then there is this…

Rosenstein is under pressure!

We shall see what happens.

Courtesy of the BBC.

However, the Washington Post, citing unnamed White House officials, says Mr Trump called Mr Sessions – an ally of his – and Mr Rosenstein to a meeting on Monday and told them to explain in writing the case against Mr Comey.

Former justice department official Eric Columbus is among those noting that Mr Rosenstein stopped short of specifically recommending that Mr Comey be fired.

He suggested on Twitter that Mr Rosenstein “thought Comey screwed up but didn’t want him fired with Russia investigation pending… yet Sessions wanted a memo on Comey’s sins, and Rosenstein felt he had to oblige his boss.”

And the Washington Post is reporting – citing an unnamed source “close to the White House” – that Mr Rosenstein threatened to resign after he was cast as the prime mover in the firing.

The deputy attorney general must now decide what to do about growing demands from Democrats – and an unusually direct approach from the New York Times editorial board – to appoint an independent special prosecutor to investigate the Russia allegations.

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5 Responses to Fallout From Comey Firing And Pressure Builds On Rosenstein

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Like Jennifer Rubin, I’m wondering what Rosenstein is going to do. And like Josh Marshall, I wonder why people still get close to nmp, when he clearly uses them, then throws them under the bus when they are no longer of any use to them.

  2. irishgirl999 says:


  3. Moles says:

    I wish I new more about the DOJ and how it works, but I find this whole scenario terrifying. It would seem that Trump is methodically removing piece by piece all the checks and balances that hold him accountable when he goes off the rails. What then?

  4. Scarsdale says:

    The gop will keep this clown in office as long as they are getting what THEY want. Social Security, Medicare, Healthcare all destroyed. They got the puppet in office that they wanted, but it will eventually turn on them. The gop OWNS this disaster of an administration. They let him destroy people and ideas and keep quiet. They WILL pay eventually, just not soon enough. I can not wait to see the reception tRump will get on his first overseas trip. Seems to me that the other countries see US politics more clearly than a lot of Americans do. The protesters may be harder to control than the US ones are

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