Fight With Hubby


So, I woke up this chilly morning where I valiantly tried to pretend that it was as hot as yesterday. Hubby asks me about the whereabouts of the cheque book. I tell him him that it was where he left it last. He wasn’t having that and proceeded to chastise me (shout). I can also shout and I knew with certainty that I hadn’t written a cheque recently.

I was infuriated that his sloppy ways had led to the loss of the cheque book and I stormed out of the house to buy cigarettes. As I opened my bag at the shop…

Yes, I fished out the cheque book.

Came home and waved cheque book in front of surfer dude who had witnessed aforementioned domestic row. Threw the damn thing in front of hubby and told him that I had found it in his office.

Surfer dude and I were going out shopping  and he told me that we were acting like kids and that my brazen effort to lie to his father was not a good thing…

So, I bought Hubby dark chocolate, pistachio nuts, and made him a real old-fashioned sandwich.

I fessed up.

We have been laughing all day.

He knew the minute that I came back from the shop that I had found it in my bag.

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2 Responses to Fight With Hubby

  1. Hate it when my defiant ‘wasn’t me’ turns out it was. FYI – – it happens more the more senior you get.

  2. PVAZ says:

    Surfer dude was spot on!

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