Bullshit Answers From Comey


I listened to pretty much all of the James Comey hearing today and I was sickened. And it wasn’t just mild nausea. Comey intentionally threw the election to Trump.

How on earth he felt he could justify going public about emails that he hadn’t even read and which eventually turned out to be a nothing burger as opposed to not revealing that he was also investigating possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia was mind-blowing. Which of these investigations was the more serious? The American public should have been alerted to the Trump one as well. This was clearly a partisan act on Comey’s part.

Why did he feel that if he didn’t inform people about Hillary’s emails that it would be the “death of the FBI?” Would the GOP go after the FBI? He obviously trashed Hillary back in the summer to placate them. That was highly unprofessional. He succumbed to bullying by Chaffetz and the rogue NY FBI office. That was inexcusable.

I thought the Democratic senators were fantastic and asked very searching questions. Comey appeared to be uncomfortable with their line of questioning and seemed to have some of his ridiculous answers down pat. He’d obviously worked on them.

Yes, he cost Hillary the election and the US and the rest of the world have to live with the consequences of his actions.

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