Chaffetz Not Seeking Re-election?

I’ve been busy but just saw this.

Oh my. Those criminal investigations must be heating up!

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4 Responses to Chaffetz Not Seeking Re-election?

  1. rj40 says:

    He is a piece of garbage. He said if HRC won he had all these charges he was going to file against her including impeachment. He also said he was going to continue Bengazi hearings for the simple reason he is a dick.. He was on a personal vendetta.

    The company he worked for before entering congress has Russian ties. Also he was taking $ from anti-Hillary pacs while on a committee prosecuting her. That is a huge conflict of interest.There must be alot more dirt for him to not run for re-election.I think what we do know is just the tip of the iceberg. Good riddance.

  2. Scarsdale says:

    tRump is making lots of $$$ having these groups at his venues. Imagine if a democratic president had done that? A friend of President Bannon has threatened to expose all the infidelities, partying, escorts and scandals if President Bannon is fired from the WH. Strange that creepy Chaffetz suddenly decides to leave, eh? He already has his bags packed (the ones under his eyes!) Those did not come from working hard, did they?

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