Trump Tries To Distract From Russian Ties With Attack On Syria

Let’s be honest here. Trump no more cares about those beautiful little Syrian babies than he does about dumping coal dust into rivers and killing beautiful little American babies.

Trump’s attack on a Syrian airbase damaged six defunct airplanes and a cafeteria. The Syrians were using the runways last night to mount further attacks. It seems that the fifty nine tomahawks that were launched at the cost of one millions dollars each, weren’t really meant to knockout the airbase. This was simply a show of force and it was designed to deflect from the Russian scandal, his plummeting ratings, and show the world that Trump was not in bed with Putin. (Trump also has shares in Raytheon which manufactures the tomahawks).

It seems to have worked, cable news was swooning over Trump’s first real presidential act. It was all rather sickening really.

However, many of his base are up in arms about his abandonment of his isolationist policies and a good few more are very angry about the seeming move to oust Bannon.

As Dan Rather says…

We are going to have to wait and see what Trump does next. The very fact that even his inner circle can’t tell from day to day what his position on anything is should fill us all with foreboding.

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8 Responses to Trump Tries To Distract From Russian Ties With Attack On Syria

  1. grannyj1 says:

    This is exactly what I am thinking. The whole Syria ‘attack’ stinks to high heaven.

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    Where did the rest go?

    • 40Watt says:

      “Where did the rest go?” And why are you the only person I have heard asking that question? You’d think it would be the obvious first thought.

      People talk a lot about issues with the press. I am constantly amazed by the apparent lack of curiosity.

  3. irishgirl999 says:

    Ok, I love Randy Rainbow.

  4. 40Watt says:

    New airstrikes targeted a town in Syria that was hit by a chemical attack earlier this week, activists said, less than a day after the US bombarded a Syrian airbase to “send a message” to the Assad regime.

    It wasn’t immediately clear who conducted the strikes on Khan Sheikhoun, which was hit on Friday and Saturday, though only Russian and Syrian regime aircraft have been bombing that area of rebel-held Idlib province.

  5. Moles says:

    Why do I think that the Syrian strike was a terrific way for Donnie to get a yooge hike in the polls?
    My cynicism must need pruning savagely. Also too if it works the worry is that he will get a taste for it.

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