Donald Trump – A Cruel Bastard


I loathe this man with every fibre of my being. As I watch him strip away every single accomplishment that President Obama made, I am reminded of his vengeance. I am firmly convinced that the WHCD where PO demolished this POS was the starting point for his vendetta.

That is not to say he was not in cahoots with the Russians long before that. All evidence so far points to the Russian oligarchs laundering money through his property and it had been going on for years.

His feeble attempts trying to deflect from the FBI investigation with his incessant twittering blaming PO for wiretapping, and now the Susan Rice deflection is nauseating.

The fact that this bastard is in power is more than frightening. I don’t for a minute believe he won the election, but enough deluded fools voted for him to enable him and the GOP to get away with it. It is a nightmare scenario with no end in sight.

One can only hope the IC are going after him with guns a’blazin because he is a dangerous, stupid man.

What kills me is that he is systematically stripping away rights from the poor and the middle class whilst enriching the wealthy. This was done before and we all know how it ended. It wasn’t good.

And now some of those poor feckers living in the border areas are facing the reality that once the wall is built they may be living in Mexico. Karma for those who voted for him! Not so for the rest.

Every single action he has taken has been designed to flood the swamp.

What a cruel, cruel man.

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