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Donald Trump And The Ravings Of A Lunatic

You have to check out the Time interview with Trump. The man is so unhinged, something is going to fall off soon. Here are a few snippets… Yeah, it’s a cool story. I mean it’s, the concept is right. I … Continue reading

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Damning Information From Comey

The FBI director has now confirmed: Pres Obama wiretapping Trump Tower did not happen. Pres Trump needs to retract his claim immediately. — Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) March 20, 2017 FBI Director Comey: The FBI “is investigating the Russian government's efforts … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Is A Pig

Trump denied Angela Merkel a handshake and it was the most awkward thing ever 😳 — BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews) March 17, 2017 What a rude, misogynistic tub of lard.

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Happy St. Patricks Day

I’m going down south today to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday over the weekend so may not get much blogging done but will try and keep up with Trump’s latest atrocities.

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Don’t Go

Ali and Fang.

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Alas, CC Is Gone

Ten minutes ago, hubby took off speeding in his trusty car with my BFF (I have a lot of them scattered throughout the US of A) to the airport. I am left feeling a bit deflated. What on earth will … Continue reading

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Eating And Talking Politics

Tapas. Yesterday.   A great time was had by all, but I forgot to take pics of the food. Today we did Dalkey. CC was supposed to be flying out this morning but the storm in the US meant her … Continue reading

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