Adventures In Dublin

Never a dull moment.


It’s been a crazy few weeks. CC from Miami Beach arrivied on my doorstep for a few days recently. We had a hilarious time as only a Cuban/American and an Irish/Australian can. Before I could draw breath, I had to leg it into the city centre to meet another dear friend’s son from Seattle. He is 23 so this was a challenge. We actually had a rather great time. He told me that he was not interested in politics. Oh shit!

We did manage talk for an hour and a half. He told me to tell his mum (mom) that he got drunk and stabbed the bartender.

I did.

She laughed.

Also and too. He thought I was hip!!!!!

To be continued….


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2 Responses to Adventures In Dublin

  1. CC ... says:

    Dahhhling … you ARE hip 💋💋

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