Our Day In Howth In Pictures

So CC and I went to Howth today. First off we needed food.


We had to have fish and chips – just because. The fish was the nicest fish I have ever eaten.


The fishes come from the sea.




Sea what I did there.

Well we walked about 20 yards up the marina and then decided enough was enough. We would tackle the town.




We decided to do the scenic walk but didn’t make it too far. We were knackered after a little bit of a walk up the hill  and had dissolved into giggles, so had to stop for a fag.


Making soup now. Tomorrow we are doing tapas with a friend of mine.

The end.




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5 Responses to Our Day In Howth In Pictures

  1. grannyj1 says:

    What a beautiful town. Giggles are great for your health and well-being. As is soup. So I am confident that this trip has been a big success. Except maybe for the smokes…but that’s just me! : )

  2. Looks and sounds like a lot of fun and a pretty day! Looking forward to the 3rd installment. Enjoy your snaps of color.

  3. Scarsdale says:

    Lovely place, colorful and quaint. The fish and chips look GREAT!! I miss that so much. Nothing can touch that fish, in my book. Keep having fun. Glad you have something to giggle about. I am having problems in that area since the orange blob took over.

  4. KatieAnnieOakley says:

    What a beautiful place! Envious…

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