The Dog That Chased The Car


Trump and the GOP have finally caught the car, albeit through illegitimate means.


But the GOP doesn’t have a plan for anything. They have had eight years to come up with plans, but they have nothing prepared. No replacement healthcare. Zilch.

Trump, however, has plenty of plans. He is just going to undo everything President Obama achieved. He’s going to get rid of regulations that keep Americans safe. He’s going to dump coal dust into rivers, help Americans die quicker and deny global warming.

He’s going to try and dismantle NATO and do everything in his power to keep his Russian cronies happy because he is beholden to them. That Russian money has been flowing to him and his jaw-deprived offspring since the eighties and has kept him in the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed.

Don’t tell me the GOP doesn’t know about his illegal activities. If they can ferret out a semen trail, it shouldn’t be too hard to follow a money trail.

But any little trail now is met by the scream of FAKE NEWS. Sarah Palin (RIP) started this meme in an effort to deflect the media’s scrutiny of her. I dare say Bannon noticed that and thought it was a wonderful idea. Discredit the media and do whatever the fuck you what. After all he directed or produced the crap about her called “The Undefeated.”


He was hoping she would piggyback him to the White House, but she was simply too stupid. She couldn’t even fake tits!!!

So he went with Trump this time around and the jaw-deprived McConnell and his counterpart, peaky-hair Ryan, are quite willing to go along for the ride. Fuck democracy and whatever, they have THE POWER NOW and a shot at the nomination of the SCJ. All is well.

However, Trump is not the sharpest knife in the drawer either.  Add to that the fact that he is insane and has left all those disgusting little Russian trails after him and you have a recipe for disaster.

Well, I am broke, but feel it is my duty to swim to Sweden to protest the Bowling Green Massacre that occurred over the weekend.




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5 Responses to The Dog That Chased The Car

  1. MrsG says:

    Love your rants! Go get him!

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    Thank you Mrs G. I felt on fire tonight. Maybe I am coming down with the flu?

    I hope you are on the mend. Love you dearly. I’ve had computer probs so haven’t been able to correspond bigly. Have the old girl back now and am fired up and ready to go.

  3. Linda says:

    You go girl! Love it when the Sweds and others smack him back hard and instantly. We need to tie him around the GOP neck and keep ringing it. Keep well!

  4. Foreign correspondent boots on the ground are always good. Husband’s family emigrated from Sweden in the early 1900’s. Their descendants thank you for your 1st Responder-ness to this horrible event in their homeland.

  5. anonymous1253 says:

    Does anyone else think it looks weird for Trump to have his new appointees announced while sitting side by side on a fancy schmancy couch? Looks so uncomfortable and awkward? Seems even more odd when you’d think that Trump’s ego would want himself to be on a higher level than his subordinates.

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