Friends In The Know


For some odd reason, I have managed to cultivate friends “in the know” through the internet. Thank you Jeanne Devon and Regina.

Anyways…I just got off the phone from a friend in an undisclosed location in a hot spot in the  south of the US. She is currently hiding behind a wall.

So we were discussing the Kushners as one is apt to do on a Sunday morning. She has reliably informed me that the Kushners are regarded as “disgusting” in NY.

Imagine that!

They don’t give a shit about being Jewish. They are all about power.

I just thought I would share that with you.

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7 Responses to Friends In The Know

  1. Holy crap, Batman ! Just watching George Stephawhatever and am listening to Stephen Miller, a Trump Senior Policy Advisor, a mid-30’s guy. Trump’s reality show background is showing big time to me. Miller starts out as pretty mild mannered and even toned and then, the Reality show begins. I firmly believe that he’s a shill reading cue cards that are put up in front of him. I think they have a whole bunch of cue cards that they scramble to throw up for prewritten for whatever question they think he’ll be asked. You’ll see his eyes going left to right, he’ll have pauses in his speaking as his reading of the cards doesn’t keep up AND his tone goes hard, loud and contentious. He also wouldn’t stop reading when George questioned – – just kept reading the card. Apparently he was brought in when they wouldn’t put in the Chief Policy person. He was just talking about Kellyanne and I swear they threw up cards that he was then reading a response from. That’s my take – – – how unbelievable and the schmucky attitude these Trumpsters have is more than disgusting. Now he’s reading about illegal voting . . . it’s a dog and pony show from my viewpoint and the people that had to organize and grab all the cue cards had to be working very hard. That was just plain crazy. George ultimately got pissed and pretty much told him buh-bye, we’re done. That little segment could be turned into a very funny SNL skit, that’s for sure.

  2. lindak1961 says:

    The Kushners and the Trumps are all about power (and money)! Here is my shocked face:

  3. It always good to have your gut reaction confirmed and know that you can trust your initial response. When will Trump figure out that their are many, many citizens, as well as immigrants, that are smarted and sharper then he will ever be – – and many do that in more than one language. Talking loud and over people doesn’t change minds in the United States, rather the refusal to engage in serious, factual engaged discussion will rally the troops in opposition . . . and a whole lot of us are rational, intelligent women!

  4. Scarsdale says:

    When will the gop finally admit that tRump was a disaster from the get go? He is such a dumb, arrogant PRICK, yet he is all republican! They are tainted with the orange glow fool now. Dumbest candidate EVER to run for the WH, and with the clown car of candidates the gop had, that is saying something. The republicans seem to WANT stupid people representing them, it is amazing. This tRump fiasco has gone on for far too long. Sanity HAS to be restored in this country.

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