trump Up And Tweeting And More…

So far this is it but you can tell there is more on the way.


While we wait for whatever is happening next, Charles P. Pierce has a great post about the turtle trying to shut up two powerful woman last night. That would be Elizabeth Warren and Coretta Scott King.

For the benefit of readers who may have joined us late, let’s recap here. SPW was quoting a 31-year-old speech given by a guy who at any rate has been dead for almost eight years. She was then accused of having impugned a fellow senator with remarks about him that were delivered by the dead guy 11 years before the first fellow ever entered the Senate. If this makes any sense to you on the merits, I would suggest you take a long walk in the country…

After all, by the close reading of the rule in question, quoting Kennedy as calling Sessions a “disgrace” was at least within an area code of being a violation. But there is nothing remotely close to that in the King letter. So, completely unnecessarily, McConnell and his caucus maneuvered themselves into a situation in which they actually were silencing a woman senator for reading a letter from the widow of a martyred civil rights hero. Can’t anyone here play this game?

Well I had never heard of the Coretta Scott King letter until last night, but you bet I know all about it now. And I’m sure there are many like me.

And then the turtle had the audacity to say the following about Elizabeth Warren…

“She was warned. She was given an explanation,” McConnell said. “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

I have to imagine there are many people all over the world who are horrified by this fecker’s misogyny.

And here are trump’s tweets…



Make of that what you will.

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8 Responses to trump Up And Tweeting And More…

  1. irishgirl999 says:

  2. Argh . . . the crazy just doesn’t stop. Unbelievable – in the truest meaning of the word. I could never believe that any of this would be happening. The good news for me is that while for the majority of the day, I was unaware of the Warren issue. However, finding out about it in the evening, I turned on CSPAN and listened to several hours of the Senate live – – Wow! I started with the heard Orrin Hatch and the Senators from RI, Oregon and New Jersey. Stopped watching when Christie took the podium. Gotta say, I was impressed by the thoughtful Democratic responses. I’m certainly proud of my Senator Patty Murray and our Seattle judge. I’m tired of Trump and his people’s ongoing blah blah that protestors are paid anarchists, etc. No way! Just a whole lot of citizens that have rediscovered that their voice makes a difference and that there may be many more of US than of THEM. The President has used the court system as a bullying tactic in his business practice. It’s time for that to stop !

  3. Pathetic that Ivanka and Nordstrom’s have risen to Sean Spicer’s level of discussion. So is this a ‘squirrrel squirrel’ that’s taking away our attention from something else that’s going on, or is this personal issues raising above the need for attention to say, the Louisiana tornado destruction. Has there been a Trump tweet about that?

  4. irishgirl999 says:

    However, Nordstrom’s stocks have risen. 🙂

  5. Trump’s hammered Seattle 3x since the inauguration – – Boeing, Judge Robart and now Nordstrom. Not unifying folks here.

  6. Scarsdale says:

    Ivanka’s company styles have been sued for stealing from other designers. Nordstroms and others are wise to distance themselves, the “brand” STINKS. Am I the only one who does NOT think (like her father does) that she is some great beauty? On the “60 Minutes” show she seemed to have trouble speaking. Too much Botox, or tooth implants way too big? As a comedian on Saturday Night Live said “Donald tRump is responsible for the “unfortunate lower facial features” of his children” All three have strange mouths, in my view.

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