So It’s Gorsuch


Courtesy of Salon:

Gorsuch’s nomination sets the stage for one of the biggest domestic political fights in years, after Senate Republicans spent nearly a year willfully ignoring their constitutional responsibility to consider President Obama’s nominee to the court, Merrick Garland. Gorsuch, despite a reportedly mild-mannered temperament, is known for his anti-choice and anti-LGBT stances, pro-employer rulings in labor disputes, anti-regulatory attitudes, dismissal of scientific expertise, and pro-police bias in brutality cases, according to statements from public interest groups issued after the announcement.

The Dems have to fight this. It is a stolen seat. Anyway, if they want to follow “The Biden Rule” as the GOP did, Gorsuch should not even be considered. You can’t nominate a judge in the last year of your presidency. Trump won’t be around too long.


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