A Random Assortment Of Horror

Courtesy of Reuters:

Senate Democrats delay committee votes on Sessions, Mnuchin, Price

By Susan Cornwell and David Lawder

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senate Democrats on Tuesday postponed votes on several of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees, citing their responsibility to do a “thorough vetting,” while Republicans accused them of unreasonable delays in considering the picks.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee exploited Senate rules to delay until Wednesday a vote on Senator Jeff Sessions’ nomination to be attorney general. That job was in the spotlight after Trump fired the acting attorney general on Monday over her refusal to defend his executive order blocking nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

Democrats also boycotted a meeting of the Senate Finance Committee where votes had been scheduled on Steve Mnuchin to be Treasury secretary and Tom Price to head the Health and Human Services Department. Since at least one Democrat is required to be present for the committee votes to take place, no votes were held.

Despite the delays, all three nominees are considered likely to be confirmed once their names are sent to the full Republican-led Senate.

Unreasonable delays? When was Merrick Garland nominated?

Then there is this.

JUST IN: Roughly 900 State Department officials sign dissent memo critical of Trump immigration order – source.

That at least shows some guts.


Don’t watch it on TV. If he has another twitter fit in the morning about ratings, all the better.

Please, if there are any GOP people out there,  don’t go with the flow. I’m talking to you McCain. It is more than obvious now that Bannon thought he could get away eight years ago promoting Palin as his useful idiot. Except she was too damn stupid.

Trump ain’t much brighter, but Bannon utilised the services of  Cambridge Analytica. This is a psychometric analysis of FB and social media data. They targeted the voters through their likes etc. Have lost the link, but google Motherboard.vice.com.

They were also instrumental in the Brexit vote.

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3 Responses to A Random Assortment Of Horror

  1. dowl says:

    Thanks! Lot’s to read and absorb; there is some earlier stuff about this and who hastily separated themselves from the organization

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