Dems Grow A Spine


Courtesy of CNN:

The Senate’s top Democrat, Chuck Schumer, announced Monday that he would oppose a raft of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks, citing the travel ban in his blanket opposition.

Schumer wrote Monday that he will oppose Mick Mulvaney for Office of Management and Budget, Scott Pruitt for the Environmental Protection Agency, Rex Tillerson for secretary of state, Jeff Sessions for attorney general, Betsy DeVos for the Department of Education and Andrew Puzder for the Department of Labor.
Schumer also promised Monday that Democrats would specifically target Trump’s nominees on the travel ban — capitalizing on a clear political opening at the start of a hectic week in Washington.
Plus this, courtesy of Politicususa:
Senate Democrats are accusing Republicans of stealing the vacant Supreme Court and are vowing to filibuster President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee…
…Democrats have the 41 votes needed to block Trump’s nominee confirmation by a super majority vote. Senate Majority Leader McConnell absolutely does not want to change the rules to get the President’s nominee confirmed by a simple majority vote, because a change in the rules will come back to haunt Republicans once Democrats take back the Senate.Senate Democrats are enraged over McConnell’s blocking of Obama Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, and they are determined to leave the seat vacant. With a midterm election coming up next year, the goal for Democrats should be to tie up Trump’s Supreme Court nominee through at minimum November 2018.

Finally the Democrats are growing a spine.

The situation has now reached such crisis proportions that even President Obama has felt the need to speak up.

Again courtesy of Politicususa:

President Obama called Trump’s ban what it really is. Discrimination based on religion.

The one thing that the will drive the deeply insecure Trump nuts is having his very popular predecessor return to encourage the protest against him and criticize his policies.

President Obama probably would have been happy to stay in quiet retirement for a little while longer, but the actions of the Trump administration compelled him to speak out publicly. In his final address, Obama promised that he wasn’t leaving, that he would stand with the American people as a citizen and continue the fight.

More later. Just hearing about an LGBT EO in the works.

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