America’s Shame


I decided to take a break from Trump the last few days. I was sick of the pig and I also didn’t have access to a computer.

Imagine my horror this morning to hear about the Muslim ban. All day long I have been reading heartbreaking stories about the refugees. This wanton cruelty makes me want to scream. How did we end up with this monster in the White House? The world is aghast at his actions. Except for Theresa May and Putin and ISIS.


The Republicans need to stand up to Trump, but I don’t hold out any hope at all. They now have it all, and they have no intention of giving it back.

And they never fired a shot.

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5 Responses to America’s Shame

  1. CC ... says:

    Yes indeed. A fecking coup d’état along with a tsunami of executive orders. All done by design, as you know. Heart breaking. The only bright spot seems to be the galvanizing of protesters and hoping we don’t succumb to fatigue. 😔

  2. abbafan says:

    Hello Irish! This is ONLY the beginning; it will get a hell of a lot worse! My late parents emigrated here to Canada after WWII as war refugees to escape persecution and certain death. This fuckin’ orange shit-gibbon and his white, male cabal want to go back to the depths of the Cold War, while promoting fear and paranoia!!

    I am truly afraid of what the future will bring for all of us, especially those affected by this modern-day Hitler! What the hell is next; fuckin’ detention camps?? To anyone considering going to the U.S. – PISS ON THEM!! Canada will welcome you with open arms!!

    P.S. – Sorry about my rant Irish, but this makes my blood boil!!

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