GOP Dismantlement Of The USA


I am sitting in front of my daughter’s computer and all I can feel is absolute horror at what has been going on in the US since trump’s crowning. Between the debate over the crowds, his reaction to the media and criticism, Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway and their alternative facts, I’m just floored.

trump, his staff and the Republicans are in the process of destroying the USA and negating any goodwill around the globe. I’m reeling from all of the executive orders regarding abortion, freeze on hiring, the EPA and now today, the pipeline.

I knew it was going to be bad, but I didn’t think it would get so alarming so quickly. I don’t mean to be overly dramatic, but the very survival of our planet is at stake.

I have no idea what he is going to do next, but it can only get worse.

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6 Responses to GOP Dismantlement Of The USA

  1. 40Watt says:

    The speed had taken us all aback. It probably shouldn’t have. This is a man who doesn’t read, think, or question. He “believes” stuff: no facts; no doubts; therefore no hesitation.

  2. Sigh . . . breathe . . . . sigh . . .. breathe

  3. lindak1961 says:

    What’s next? Glad you asked! The Muslim refugee ban:

    Reminder: The Holy Family were refugees when Jesus was a baby.

  4. Moles says:

    For a bit of light relief amidst the horror:

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