What Is The Easiest Way To Put On A Duvet Cover?

I am serious. My husband and I are locked in a deadly dispute over this.


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10 Responses to What Is The Easiest Way To Put On A Duvet Cover?

  1. irishgirl999 says:

    Forget it. I know I am right.

  2. PVAZ says:

    You can always wrap it up, think burrito, or giant condom.

  3. (((thatcrowwoman))) says:

    There’s an easy way?
    Even with another helper, I usually end up wrestling.

  4. (((thatcrowwoman))) says:

    And for what it’s worth, my mama taught me, “If he doesn’t like the way I do it, he can do it himself.” They celebrated their 62nd anniversary in August.

  5. My advise is ‘don’t take it off.’ As for your Irish flu experience, the hospital’s in my flu epidemic area are telling folks to go to Urgent Cares, as ER’s are dealing only with flu victim, many of them in hallways. I hope your mom is slowly getting back to her normal self. Our strain of flu has been a nasty one.

  6. titlewave says:

    Turn it inside out. Lay the comforter on top (it works best with those little clips) put your hands inside the duvet and grab the far corners, also grabbing the comforter. Pull it all back to outside in and you’re done 🙂

    Don’t ask how I know this..
    Hope Mum is doing better and better!

  7. 40Watt says:

    Anticipating the potential response from any male who wants to win this argument – anyone one with a whole brain would do the same thing.

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