Dawg Gone It


There was a time when I thought this was funny.

I have been out all day buying Ali Christmas presents, so I haven’t even looked at the news or tweets today.

Ali is still despondent. She has never bitten anyone in her life, but she told me today that if I put that hat on her again, she will not be responsible for her (newly cleaned) teeth.


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10 Responses to Dawg Gone It

  1. CC ... says:

    Amsterdam or …
    Nürnbergerstr. 8

    Just a suggestion …. :-))

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    What would Leonard Cohen do?

  3. irishgirl999 says:

    We take Berlin.I have taken Manhattan.

    The LES is sick of me.

  4. CC ... says:

    Definitely before Putin….
    Sweden is looking suspicious now too. And I’ve never been there. So many possibilities … but the clock is ticking. Sad!

  5. lindak1961 says:

    Why don’t you let Ali poop on that stupid hat?

    Merry Christmas! I’ve been busy today too, and will be until Christmas Day, in spite of being off work until the 27th. There is always a lot to do for Christmas, and even more now that Mama is gone. I miss her still, but am glad that she isn’t witnessing the incoming Trump administration. Anyway, I’m grateful for all the things I have to do now, and in my down time, I plan of catching up on reading, so I won’t be online much.

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