Just – Oh Shit


Putin was also apparently head, ass and tail regarding the Russian hacking.

The FBI looks as if they have questions to answer regarding those bloody emails. Huma Abedin insists that she did not have emails on Weiner’s computer.They (FBI) had the computer for a month and only released the information at the worst possible time for Hillary.

There are 75,000 missing votes in MI.

The NC legislature has gone fucking crazy and limited the powers of the incoming Dem governor.

What else can go wrong?

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7 Responses to Just – Oh Shit

  1. What else can go wrong? Sarah Palin is attending the Seahawks game tonight where my son is on the sidelines as a member of the team’s equipment guys. I never in a zillion years thought any of my family members would be anywhere proximate to her. She was sitting next to an older woman and had a blanket around her. It is a cold night near freezing, but we Pacific NW’ers know know how to dress for the weather. Go back where to where you came from, Sarah, and watch for Russians from your house. Or take care of your little boy – – it is a school night tonight!

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    The FBI stinks to high heaven.

  3. crow says:

    I’d also add: an Islamophobic National Security Advisor who openly advocates war with Iran and a Secretary of Energy who expressed his intention to eliminate that Department when he ran for President, if only he could remember the name of it – Oops.

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