Trump’s Inauguration Woes And More

Courtesy of The BBC:

Reports from the US suggest Donald Trump is struggling to find A-list stars to perform at his inauguration. We asked the stars of the BBC Music Awards what it would take to get them to play.

When President Barack Obama was inaugurated in 2009, he was serenaded by Beyonce and Aretha Franklin.

During his stay in the White House, he’s had audiences with the likes of Rihanna, James Taylor and Kendrick Lamar.

Donald Trump might not be so lucky.

According to US news website The Wrap, Trump’s inaugural committee is scrambling to find stars who are willing to play at his swearing in ceremony on 20 January 2017.

“They’re calling managers, agents, everyone in town to see who they can get and it’s been problematic,” an unnamed source told the site.

Grammy-winner John Legend, who has been a guest of the Obamas several times, says he is “not surprised at all”.

“Creative people tend to reject bigotry and hate,” he told the BBC.

Well that’s not the least surprising. And in other news…

Maybe Kanye will do the honours!

Also and too…

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18 Responses to Trump’s Inauguration Woes And More

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Our media sucks and so does nmp.

  2. Rick Perry ?!!! Really . . . . if I didn’t know what to say before, I’m even more dumbfounded by the elevation of the dumb among us. “Egad” as they said many times in Pollyanna. I need some prisms!

  3. irishgirl999 says:

    Trump pressuring electors.

  4. irishgirl999 says:

    Sorry am on a bit of a rant about everything.

    • 40Watt says:

      Rant on.

      I keep thinking of 1984 and “Newspeak”, a language that regularly loses words thus narrowing what can be thought. Syme, a character in the book, says that everyone will be fluent in Newspeak by 2050.

      Keep ranting. Here in the US, we’ll do everything we can to fight this horror.

  5. 40Watt says:

    How about this? Alan Toman ‏@Direct2at 7m7 minutes ago
    Brilliant idea for Trump Tower security perimeter @Colossal

  6. irishgirl999 says:

    OMG. Just watched the Broadway carpool. I have tears streaming down my face. Laughing and crying. Donald Trump ain’t keeping me away from NY.

  7. irishgirl999 says:

    Surfer dude came in tonight after a day of ? surfing. I said – hey dude. I am now on twitter. Guess who retweeted me. He said – oh jesus. Then he disappeared.

  8. Scarsdale says:

    tRump’s people have reportedly offered top ambassadorships to any manager who can get top talent to perform!! Andrea Boccelli’s fans are threatening a boycott of his US tour if he decides to do it. Maybe he can have Maleria do some of her lesbian porn poses for all the perverts who surround tRump? Ivanka could give him another lap dance?

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