Comey – Gunning For The Clintons For Years


James Comey interfered in the 2016 Presidential election. He damn well knew what he was doing.

No one forced his hand.

Comey used to live in Westport, Connecticut.  Then he would head off to Palm Beach and winter there. Apparently he was very nice, BUT HE HATED THE CLINTONS with a passion. He made it known to acquaintances. I have that from a very good source. I dare say if anyone goes to either of these places and pokes around, they will hear the same thing.

I also happen to know someone who worked with Ben Carson at one time. He is a complete idiot. Well, we all know that. Carson is too stupid to tie his shoelaces.

Comey on the other hand knew exactly what he was doing. He changed his registration to Independent this summer…

Edited to add that Comey may not have wintered on Palm Beach himself. Some of his acquaintances did. Doesn’t change the message though…he hated the Clintons.

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One Response to Comey – Gunning For The Clintons For Years

  1. lindak1961 says:

    He’s a traitor, not because he hates the Clintons, but because he interfered in the presidential election. If he conspired with the Russians, he’s doubly a traitor.

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