First Xmas Party Of The Year

It was a humdinger!

The mad neighbours hold one every year. This time it was in an Indian restaurant. We all sat down and before we had our arses on the seats, they were asking me what I thought of the election of the orange shitgibbon.

To say that they were disgusted at the fraudulent election of this vindictive blob of jelly is pretty much an understatement.

Many of them have sons and daughters in the US.

Mary told me about the reaction of her son, he is married to a Serbian and they live in NYC. The DIL is actually quite a famous author. She took to bed the day after the election results because she was terrified. Mary herself went to bed for  a day. I went for two days before I gathered the courage to ring my cousin and vent my frustration on him. We are all terrified for the future.

Well, Mary’s son got up the morning after the election to go to work. He told his mother that people’s faces were frozen in horror as he passed them in the street. When he got to work, no one was there.



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