So last night this erupted from the donald.


Methinks the donald needs to shut up about voter fraud. People just might demand a recount of the whole election. And there were a lot of voters that were disenfranchised.

He is back at it again today.


This man is making a mockery of the presidency. He is not fit to be in that position. I just hope the EC will do the right thing although I am not holding my breath.

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4 Responses to PEOTUS Is Nuts

  1. I no longer hold out any hope that the Electoral College will change one thing. In the big big picture, perhaps The Donald is just a crazy blip that will ultimately unite the country when he melts down into crazypants-ness. He’s an onion whose layers are being peeled away revealing a rotten core — all being done by himself. No one is doing this to him . . he has little, if any, self control, which makes sense. You can’t hide or mask a temperament like his for more then about 2 minutes. He just keeps showing us tweet by tweet by tweet that rationality isn’t a suit he even wears. Yep – – he’s a nut job that’s falling apart as the criticisms inherent with the position ramp up. He’s a hamster on a wheel that eventually is unable to keep up and falls off. That’s where I see this heading. I hope the process is a relatively short one, although VP Pence would bring his own can of worms to deal with. And off to work I go . . . what will the newsfeed be when I look at headlines 8 hours from now. I am usually astounded.

    • Moles says:

      No the Electoral College won’t lift a finger. They’re too in love the power they hold in the electoral process. I think it will be Trump himself who will cause the detonation. He won’t be able to help himself from behaving the way he always has and in his present position this will hopefully prove to be fatal.

  2. crow says:

    I wanna hear Trump tell me more about his great temperament. One of the best temperaments in the world. Everyone says so.

  3. irishgirl999 says:

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