Jill Stein Has Filed For Recount In WI

So, she has finally done it. She left it kind of late.

Scott Walker is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, so he will need to be watched for any shenanigans. He could suddenly find a bucket load of votes in his back yard that favour trump.

I sort of have a sinking feeling that the voter ID shit, long queues, etc, may have had a very telling effect on this election. If you don’t allow them (the others) to vote, then you can’t count their votes.

However, the recount needs to be done so that people can be assured of election integrity.

On a brighter note…trump of the triple chins will be booed all over the world if he dares to leave Trump Tower in NYC. He is a fucking joke. And he will be treated as such by the educated masses on this side of the Atlantic. They are already laughing at him in the House of Commons. He will not like that.

I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I feel like vinegar at the moment.


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8 Responses to Jill Stein Has Filed For Recount In WI

  1. titlewave says:

    Fingers crossed it has legs. I really wish more was being made of the Russian involvement, too.

  2. lindak1961 says:

    Are they really laughing at him in the House of Commons? If Mittens apologizes, they will be laughing at him too, especially if nmp then refuses to nominate Mittens for SOS.

  3. Titlewave, there is a great article in the WaPo today about the Russian involvement: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/russian-propaganda-effort-helped-spread-fake-news-during-election-experts-say/2016/11/24/793903b6-8a40-4ca9-b712-716af66098fe_story.html?postshare=3101480107273517&tid=ss_fb

    Linda, I was just telling my husband that if Mittens apologizes, I will last tiny smidgen of respect I ever had for him. Oh, forget that, he lost all respect last time around.

    IG, while it is difficult to see America as a laughingstock around the world, I must remember it is not all Americans, only those who voted for the orange man.

    I am more concerned about what is happening in Britain and the EU and the hate that is surfacing there that reflect the hate surfacing here since the election 😦

    We must all remain vigilant – and hopeful for better days.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      6 am here. A few points…

      Mittens should not apologize. This is trump being vengeful. He will not pick Mitt but will try and humiliate him.

      Yes, it is shitty over here too but we needed good leadership from the USA. That won’t be forthcoming. trump is an object of derision and won’t be taken seriously by any government.

      Please god…give us back Obama.

  4. irishgirl999 says:

    And the article about Russian interference in the election was spot on. But no one is paying any attention to it.

    I can’t cite any of it as I have used up all of my free articles…

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