Trump Chillingly Unprepared For Presidency


The day his presidential run should have died.

I listened to President Obama’s press conference yesterday and I must admit that I am terrified. I’m not the only one.

Courtesy of BRIAN BEUTLER from New Republic:

Obama Is Warning America About Trump’s Presidency. Are You Listening?

President Barack Obama’s remarks about Donald Trump in his Monday press conferencecontained some of the most ominous words I’ve heard since news networks began calling the election for Trump early last Wednesday morning. But you may not have heard them.

It is an understatement to say that Obama’s departure from the White House is occurring under unusual circumstances. He is managing a transition to the presidency of someone he believes is unfit for that office, who has empowered racist hate groups, wants to undo the Obama presidency, and shouldn’t be entrusted with nuclear weapons.

Despite all that, but also in a sense precisely because of all that, Obama is planning to play something like mentor to Trump over the coming weeks—something that doesn’t normally happen between outgoing presidents and incoming ones when the latter is acceptably disciplined and competent.

In a tense environment in which reporters, government workers, world leaders, and anxious citizens and immigrants understandably are scrutinizing every Donald Trump tweet and utterance and leak, Obama’s closing thoughts on the presidency and his successor will inevitably be given short shrift.But the things he says about the transition contain critical information about its progress and his confidence that, on the other side of it, things will run fairly smoothly.

His Monday comments suggests he has very little confidence that they will.

Please read his entire article. It will scare you shitless.

And if the names of the people being floated around in his administration haven’t already frightened the hell out of you, then you do need to listen up.

Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, Laura Ingraham, Newt Gingrich, John Bolton and Rudy Guilani!!!

This administration is going to be a nightmare.

Trump is already looking for security clearances for his kids who will be running his businesses. How on earth can that be ethical?

I’m at a loss for words.

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7 Responses to Trump Chillingly Unprepared For Presidency

  1. 40Watt says:

    That is an excellent article – scary but excellent.

    To think they called Obama a narcissist! It’s impossible to know to what extent Obama can influence the situation. However, he’s a very smart man and I have no doubt he understands that Donald is more likely to act on ideas that he believes he thought up himself. We can but hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      More ominous signs…

      Former congressman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), a former FBI agent who is a widely respected voice on national security, announced that he is leaving his position as a senior national security adviser to Trump’s transition team. His departure came as Eliot Cohen, a leading voice of opposition to Trump among former GOP national security officials during the campaign, blasted Trump’s transition team in a tweet…

      Cohen, meanwhile, drew widespread attention for his tweet.

      “After exchange w Trump transition team, changed my recommendation: stay away. They’re angry, arrogant, screaming “you LOST!” Will be ugly,’’ tweeted Cohen, who served from 2007 to 2009 as counselor to then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. He was a driving force behind an open letter last spring — eventually signed by 122 Republican national security leaders — who opposed Trump’s candidacy.

      Cohen, who last week had urged career officials to serve in Trump’s administration, said in an interview that a longtime friend and senior transition team official had asked him to submit names of possible national security appointees. After he suggested several people, Cohen said, his friend emailed him back in terms he described as “very weird, very disturbing.”

      “It was accusations that ‘you guys are trying to insinuate yourselves into the administration…all of YOU LOST.’…it became clear to me that they view jobs as lollipops, things you give out to good boys and girls,” said Cohen, who would not identify his friend.

      Cohen also said the transition official was “completely dismissive” of concerns raised about Trump’s appointment of Bannon, who Trump’s advisors have strongly defended.

      His friend’s email conveyed the feeling that ‘we’re so glad to see the bicoastal elites get theirs,’” added Cohen, who described the response as “unhinged.’’

  2. 40Watt says:

    This is the time for decent Republicans to speak up. Do not make your descendants ashamed when they discover what kind of men and women their great-grandparents or grand aunts or uncles were. So you may get voted out, but you will be able to look yourselves in the mirror and say, I put my country before my selfish interests.

    This is pretty simple. Having raging incompetents in charge of national security is dangerous. It is in your hands. Let’s see what you’re made of.

  3. titlewave says:

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