So I Texted My American Cousin Last Wednesday

I told him that he had elected Hitler. I am going to apologise for my language right now, because I am fucking furious.

A couple of minutes later he rang me back. I think he thought that he was going to paper over the cracks.

I was having none of it and let loose. I told him that his vote had probably ruined my children’s future. Climate change is a big issue for me. Not to mind the other fuckery they will inflict on the world.

In the end, I was the one who said I don’t want to discuss politics, because I knew it would poison our relationship. I have visited him many times – well four or five times. He lives in NJ.

I won’t be visiting him again.

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2 Responses to So I Texted My American Cousin Last Wednesday

  1. uberduck says:

    This is yet another sad consequence of the messed up situation the world is in right now. Don’t hold on to the hurt forever. In time, perhaps you can reconnect. I know we need to try our best to understand what it is that folks are looking for that make them support DT (though right now I know I for one am not ready) and try to address those fears and frustrations. I need to turn inward for a little bit, then I’ll come out fighting again, hopefully a better more understanding and wise person. Either that or I’ll just get in on the new legal pot here in Maine and not care about anything anymore. One or the other.


    • irishgirl999 says:

      I am not ready to forgive him. I hope the fucker goes bankrupt over this.

      I will probably regret saying that, but that is how I feel at the moment.

      God damn it – Stephen Bannon is now the Chief Strategist. I can guarantee you that my old white, male cousin has never even heard of this man.

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