FBI, Fox, Trump And Russia – Traitors

CNN goes after Fox News for false reporting about Hillary indictment.

I wonder has the damage been done by the FBI and Fox and Trump? All these lies! It is appalling.

There is also this courtesy of   at Newsweek:

In phone calls, meetings and cables, America’s European allies have expressed alarm to one another about Donald Trump’s public statements denying Moscow’s role in cyberattacks designed to interfere with the U.S. election. They fear the Republican nominee for president has emboldened the Kremlin in its unprecedented cybercampaign to disrupt elections in multiple countries in hopes of weakening Western alliances, according to intelligence, law enforcement and other government officials in the United States and Europe.

While American intelligence officers have privately briefed Trump about Russia’s attempts to influence the U.S. election, he has publicly dismissed that information as unreliable, instead saying this hacking of incredible sophistication and technical complexity could have been done by some 400-pound “guy sitting on their bed” or even a child.

We could all be up shit creek without a paddle after this election.

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One Response to FBI, Fox, Trump And Russia – Traitors

  1. Scarsdale says:

    Along with many others I am sure, I NEVER thought this big orange, ego driven, low I.Q. blob would get so far. He is a disgrace. The more crap that is exposed about him, the more the low life hillbillies and racists support him. He is disgusting in every way. No decent person would give him the time of day. I am convinced he is already in the early stage of Alzheimers. What other explanation is there, for a 70 year old grandpa to behave like this? God help us all if the crazies who support him get him into our White House. Maleria plagerized yet another speech, this time from Mrs. tRump #2, Marla Maples.

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