Is There Anybody Out There

I’ve taken to bed and will be there for the next week. This election is terrifying.

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5 Responses to Is There Anybody Out There

  1. uberduck says:

    Move over. I’ll bring wine and a whippet.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Sounds good. And now I have to take the damn dog for a walk. She heard you!!! She is a fecking mind reader. One only needs to think about walkies and she is there, howling.

  2. Anonymous1253 says:

    I hate to say that my work is my life ring, but it’s SO busy right now I have no time to think of anything but what I haven’t gotten done. And I work for a government entity, so political discussions are a no-no, and there are 2 Trumpers in my circle of 5 co-workers. I have next Wednesday off and am SO happy. Don’t know how I’ll feel about life on the day after. My local politics make be equally sick to my stomach. The City, County, State, and sadly, Pres. Obama have greased the skids for a 8 million gallon, 14 story LNG facility to be built along the shore of my residential community. A community of homes and an elementary school are just up the bluff and over the hill from where this monstrosity will be. Oh, and the gas company is owned by an Australian entity. Apparently they’ll be breaking ground soon and the transport of tanker trucks filled with LNG on our gridlocked freeways will be a part of my future. We’re the 4th worst freeway system in the nation, so let’s add the risk of an explosive accident into the mix. The community last Fall rallied in protest to keep the world’s larger Methanol plant built just proximate to the LNG siting. Community activism hasn’t had the same effect on the LNG plant – – – this project was well on its way long before the public became aware of its existence. The ‘peek under the carpet’ of how government works does reveal how broken it is.

  3. Anonymous1253 says:

    Wrote you a nice long response – – the laptop spasmed and that was that! Glad I have next Wednesday off. I think the aftermath will be unpleasant no matter whom you support.

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