So The Donald And Cohorts Were Soliciting Chinese Money – Ye Gods!!


Courtesy of The Telegraph:

That’s a UK paper! And I may be wrong but I thought it was very conservative.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is facing a fundraising scandal after a Telegraph investigation exposed how key supporters were prepared to accept illicit donations from foreign backers.

Senior figures involved with the Great America PAC, one of the leading “independent” groups organising television advertisements and grassroots support for the Republican nominee, sought to channel $2 million from a Chinese donor into the campaign to elect the billionaire despite laws prohibiting donations from foreigners.

In return, undercover reporters purporting to represent the fictitious donor were assured that he would obtain “influence” if Mr Trump made it to the White House.

Last week Eric Beach, the PAC’s co-chairman, confirmed to the reporters at an event in Las Vegas that their client’s support would be “remembered” if Mr Trump became president.

Personally, I think the Donald is fucked. He is so fucked. Just absolutely fucked. Fucked bigly or big league. Doesn’t matter, he is fucked.


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5 Responses to So The Donald And Cohorts Were Soliciting Chinese Money – Ye Gods!!

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Holy Moly! tRump really was projecting when he whined about Hillary engaging in “pay to play” with the Clinton Foundation, and without a shred of proof of his allegation.

    Yep, he’s fucked. John Lennon has a message for tRump:

  2. irishgirl999 says:

  3. Moles says:

    Not even a mother could love that face. 😦

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