Donald Trump Stalks Hillary Clinton

I watched the debate last night in Amsterdam with my dear friend, CC from Miami Beach. Bear in mind that this was 3 am in Amsterdam and we had only gone to bed at 1.30. We waz glued to CNN (no other choice). We had meant to go to bed much earlier but we couldn’t stop following various twitter feeds. Of course, I was up and down all night having a smoke and in the interests of comfort, I had my pjs on at that hour. It was cold in Amsterdam, so I just threw a coat on over my pjs and stuck my feet into a pair of black boots as I ventured out into the cold, chilly night. In hindsight, I should have picked a less colourful pj bottoms. But what the feck. They got used to me wandering around at all hours of the night.




We had to surrender our key every time we left the hotel in the interests of security, so you can imagine that we got to know the staff very well. It was my duty to report to reception on the state of the debate. They had a computer, but no sound.

I took a smoke break just as they were being asked about Syria. I just couldn’t bear it any longer. I really was afraid that Trump was going to hit Hilz. I was at a loss for words.


As my husband said to me tonight, “That man is a pig.” Hubby said he has been in plenty of locker rooms and he has never once heard anyone say anything remotely like that. I believe him.


Back off pussy fingers!!!!

I’m tired…

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4 Responses to Donald Trump Stalks Hillary Clinton

  1. Moles says:

    From Wonkette:
    “He will grab ISIS by the pussy and take it out to buy furniture.”
    That’s the best line I’ve heard yet on this muck soaked cretin.

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