October Surprise – Trump Hasn’t Paid Income Tax For Decades


Courtesy of The Washington Post:

Late Saturday evening, the New York Times revealed a remarkable story. Last month, one of their reporters received a letter with a return address of Trump Tower. Inside, tax documents from the mid-1990s, showing a massive $916 million loss reported in 1995 — enough to allow Trump to avoid paying income taxes for decades.

How? We explained the principle in March. The Times reports that Trump claimed $15.8 million in losses from real estate depreciation that year, a loss that legally follows from simply owning property. The biggest chunk was his net operating loss that year, a figure that can be carried over, year-after-year. Tax attorney Steven Goldburd described it to me like this earlier this year:

Let’s say anybody, John Smith, had a business that went bad. If you have a net operating loss, you can roll it over, year-to-year, and it could technically wipe out your taxes this year. If you made an investment last year and you lost a million dollars on that business investment, and this year you only made $500,000 [in income], by rolling over last year’s net operating loss, you just wiped out your $500,000 for this year. But not only that, you still have $500,000 to wipe out for next year!

So Donny boy lost nearly a billion dollars in one year alone and hasn’t paid any taxes since. What a bigly loser.

Then there is this…

More later. I have to take the dog for a walk.

I’m back and I have more from The Guardian:

Speaking to a crowd of nearly 5,000 in Pennsylvania on Saturday night, Trump made some of his wildest accusations yet about his opponent and the integrity of American elections. Trump attacked his Democratic rival in starkly personal terms. He said of her “she has bad temperament, she could actually be crazy” and went on to imply that she had been unfaithful for her husband. “I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill, if you want to know the truth. And really folks, why should she be, right,” Trump said.

And that wasn’t all.

He also mentioned Clinton’s collapse in September at a ceremony commemorating the victims of the September 11 terrorist attack. “She couldn’t even make it 15 feet to a car” said the Republican nominee of the incident sparked by the Democratic nominee being dehydrated while suffering from pneumonia. In doing so, Trump pretended to stumble and then staggered about the stage.

Having lost the plot he went on to say this…

Trump also warned of the specter of voter fraud without evidence, revisiting accusations he first made in August that there will be voter fraud in “certain areas” of Pennsylvania, a statement that was a clear dog-whistle about African American areas of Philadelphia. “Watch your polling booths, because I hear too many stories about Pennsylvania, certain areas,” the Republican nominee told the almost exclusively white crowd in Manheim. He added “we can’t lose an election because you know what I am talking about”.

Then he was back to the debate…

The Republican nominee also complained about what he saw as a rigged debate and insisted that he actually bested Hillary Clinton in Monday night’s presidential debate. Trump insisted that he won the debate but also suggested that the non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates deliberately gave him a defective microphone on purpose in an attempt to sabotage his performance.

He still thinks he won though.

I just can’t understand how anyone could vote for this raving lunatic.

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3 Responses to October Surprise – Trump Hasn’t Paid Income Tax For Decades

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Alec’s hair as tRump is much better than tRump’s, otherwise, he was spot on as tRump!

    It’s not surprise that tRump hasn’t paid taxes in years. I still want to see tRump’s taxes. What else is he hiding?

  2. uberduck says:

    OMG – was that on SNL last night?? I might have to start watching again. Well, maybe not that, but I’ll have to watch for the highlights as part of my sunday morning routine! Thanks for posting that.

  3. Moles says:

    Unfortunately this won’t upset his supporters one bit. We see him as an arrogant narcissist getting rich at the expense of the average worker. They see him as a man who successfully stiffed the establishment, and they applaud it.

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