Why I Love Joe Biden

And I have seen his summer house in Delaware!

This never gets old…

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6 Responses to Why I Love Joe Biden

  1. 40Watt says:

    What a sweetheart.

    We had just moved to PA when Joe’s wife and children were in that horrible accident. When he decided to go ahead and run for the Senate, I was very worried about the whole thing given he had these traumatized little boys to care for. What a job he has done and continues to do. He’s the very definition of a mensch. I love him.

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    I would take a bullet for Joe.

  3. Mrs.G says:

    Movie stars come and go but Joe lives on forever! Dr. Jill and Michelle are the luckiest women in the world! They are so understanding knowing all the smart women in this country are in love with their husbands. Can you imagine ANY WOMAN adoring Donald, the chump, Trump? Can you imagine rolling over in the morning to look at Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell’s face? It makes me nauseated! I need to go lay down till this wave of nausea passes…….

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