Bernie Sanders Appeals To Millenials – And Other Bits And Bobs

I think Bernie Sanders did a good job here pinpointing what the millenials need to be aware of. They will be the ones most affected by Trump’s madness. I hope for the sake of the planet that they will listen to him.

And Chuck Todd is a pathetic creep. He suggested today that Trump should bring a mother of one of the Benghazi victims to the debate instead of Gennifer Flowers. JHC. The man is supposed to be a journalist. He is supposed to report the news and give people facts. He is not supposed to insert his poisonous view to his audience. He should be fired.

KellyAnne Conway has been all over the Sunday shows demanding that Trump not be fact checked by moderators at the debates. Hmmmmm…  I wonder if that is because the orange shitgibbon is a compulsive liar? What sort of fucking mother is she that she would support this bloated excrement? She has children. Does she even think about his stance on climate change and how it might affect them?

Something nice so I don’t end on a sour note…

Courtesy of Irish Central:

The Irish language students from Coláiste Lurgan, in Galway, have done it again with their cover version of Adele’s “Hello” as Gaelige (in Irish). The video, featuring lead singer Shannon Bryan accompanied by a great cast of fellow students, was posted last week and has gone viral with close to 330k views on YouTube.

I hope you enjoyed that. I did.

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2 Responses to Bernie Sanders Appeals To Millenials – And Other Bits And Bobs

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Kellyanne goofed big time on ABC – she claimed that tRump is “the Babe Ruth of debating.” This probably won’t lift the expectations the media has for tRump in the debates, but it could lift the public’s. Very unusual for a campaign to raise debate expectations, especially for someone as unqualified as tRump, but he is running an unusual campaign.

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