A, B And C


Yesterday was a big day  for us feckers here in Ireland as we awaited crippled son’s results for his degree. This was major fecking sh*t. His life and my sanity depended on it.

I got up and asked him what were his results…he kept repeating that it didn’t make any sense. Eventually, he ventured forth to Trinity College and came home waving a piece of paper. It was official – the boy had done good.

He also arrived home with his blind friend whom I shall call A. A and C (my boy) bought some beers and could be heard merrily singing in the TV room to some Dubliner’s tune at around 3pm.


A had also gotten his results.

Then B arrived, he too was celebrating his results.

Then the whole alphabet arrived…well about seven more letters. C did give me some notice and I cooked Carne Asada for them. Great fun was had by all.

A – who by the way had just completed an internship in DC working with trade unions, then persuaded B and C to go into town (Dublin city centre).

They were a sorry sight this morning.

But life is good.

I have blurred Trump from my mind these last two days. And that is also soothing.


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5 Responses to A, B And C

  1. lindak1961 says:


  2. irishgirl999 says:

    Thank you. I am on a high. Not literally…

  3. sallyinmi says:

    Congrats to you and your son!! And his friends. Two days without the Trump insanity sound great!!

  4. Nothing better than a proud mama!

  5. titlewave says:

    Congratulations, Mom!

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