Just Cos I Felt Like It

I love Rufus.

On another note, my daughter has her “debs” coming up in October. She is very wily and has asked a gay guy to be her date. Some of her friends have also and too. Teh gays are very popular for these occasions. The girls feel no pressure.

I am under pressure however. The fecking dress!!!!!  300-400 euro is the norm! I could fly to NY and hit Trump’s flabby chin for that.

We’ll have to take the hit. She will only have one debs.

God help us when she gets married.

Don’t even ask about crippled son and surfer dude…


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4 Responses to Just Cos I Felt Like It

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Sounds like your debs is like our proms. Smart move – to ask a gay friend to take you to such a dance. Relieves pressure all around – for the girl, for the guy and for their parents. My daughters went with a group of friends, which is also another pressure-reliever.

  2. Always good to have our crazy kids and their drama around to take us away from the newscycle.

  3. Psminidiva says:

    Aww, too bad your waiter friend, Eric, is back to University. He would have been a great date for Annie Oakley. Smart move to have a gay date, she will be with the best dressed, most attentive, most interesting, wittiest, best dancing date…..and she won’t have to worry about some wanker wanting “paid back” for the evening. There was a time when Russell’s wealthy students would jet off to Paris for their prom gowns (I’m assuming prom and deb are one and the same, sort of). They did not want to be wearing something from the local mall. Proms over here are getting to be just as extravagant as weddings! Sounds like they are in Ireland, as well.

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