Matt Lauer Is A Wanker – Updated

I woke up this morning and was anxious to see how the Commander-in-Chief Forum had been perceived as I hadn’t watched it due to the time difference. Whoa, Matt Lauer was being hammered by everyone. I have since watched some of it and can see why people were outraged.

This is one take from a live NYT blog:

I’m not really sure what we learned from this. At all.

Maggie, I think there were two dynamics at work.

The first was focus for Clinton on mistakes and past positions, which sucked up a lot of time.

Trump got the more conventional or at least forward-looking questions.

Which he answered by either skittering around the question or answering in such broad terms that it was hard to know what he is saying.

He definitely needs to work on talking about Putin.

He can’t say a bad thing about the guy.

Nick, I think that’s a real good summary. When you do these kind of forums, you want to some extent ask parallel questions so voters can draw some comparisons between the two campaigns. That didn’t happen tonight.

Clinton basically got a two-by-four equivalent in the questions, well beyond emails. Trump got tapped on the cheek.

This is what Melissa McEwan thought at Shakesville:

Matt Lauer was unfathomably rude to Hillary Clinton, constantly interrupting her. His half-hour with her looked like an antagonistic debate, while his half-hour with Trump looked like a conversation.

Hillary Clinton sounded like a president. She was prepared and knowledgeable and took seriously the questions that were asked, even when they didn’t deserve to be taken seriously (see: emails).

Donald Trump sounded like an asshole. He praised Putin and demeaned Obama, repeating his line about how Putin is a better leader than the President.

I honestly can’t imagine what it must feel like for an active servicemember to hear Trump denigrate the currentcommander-in-chief they serve and praise Vladimir Putin. It is upsetting to me, and I feel like it would be even more viscerally, personally, intimately troubling to me if I were in the military.

Trump was lobbed softballs while Hillary was grilled on her emails for far too long. What had her emails to do with this anyway? Then Lauer rushed her through the remaining time constantly interrupting her. He was basically a pig.

He let Trump spout nonsensical shite and let him away with the whole Iraq war lie. Trump showed he was completely out of his depth and in my opinion spouted some very troubling sentiments.

Lauer made a complete mess of the forum and I’m glad that he is getting called out for it. He should never be allowed to moderate anything again. He was a disgrace.

Finally President Obama has called out the press.

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3 Responses to Matt Lauer Is A Wanker – Updated

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Lauer is a disgrace.

  2. Scarsdale says:

    Someone said Maleria was (finally) there, with a low cut dress exposing her fake boobs. Lauer is a renowned womanizer. Maybe he wants an introduction to Maleria or Ivanka? He failed – BIG TIME. I do not understand why he still has a job. He is more suited to asking questions of Miley Cyrus than presidential candidates. I am worried that Fox Chris Wallace will have the last “debate” leaving viewers with a view of Hillary as unsmiling with tRump blusering and bullying his way into the final stretch. I am ashaned that so many Americans can be easily fooled by this bright orange clown. We will be saying “:Goodbye” to one of the classiest, most intelligent Presidents for THIS? God HELP US.

  3. crow says:

    On the other hand, Matt Lauer was only doing what every other interviewer has done so far – go on endlessly about Hillary’s emails and let Trump get away with his endless bullshit. The Morning Joke Team is only now starting to call out selected bits of Trump nonsense after kissing his ass for over a year. He was great for cable news ratings but now that it looks as though he might actually have a chance of winning this election, they are starting to think twice. If Hillary was a reality show star that had 6 bankruptcies, been married 3 times, praised dictators, run a phony “university” scam, had mafia ties and whose ideas of foreign policy were to build a wall against Mexico and “bomb the shit out of ISIS”, they would have eaten her alive. Just one of those would have ended her run. But Trump gets a pass.

    Maybe this Lauer episode will be a wakeup call to the press and they will start acting like journalists. I won’t hold my breath, though. And I won’t watch the debates, either. I can’t take anymore of this.

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