Humpty Trumpty And His Very Good Wall


Well, I got up this morning and wondered what fresh hell little donnie had visited on the Republican party. Apparently he has refused to endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain. Reince Priebus is apoplectic over it.


That wasn’t a baby you heard crying – that was Reince.

More from Mediaite:

On Good Morning America Wednesday, ABC’s Jon Karl reported that senior officials in the GOP are now actively strategizing and having conversations about the process to replace Donald Trump atop the party’s ticket should he drop out.

This, after anotherdisastrous day on the campaign trail for the real estate titan turned politician, who recently said that he would not necessarily be endorsing members of his own party in their upcoming elections.

“Senior officials at the party are actively exploring what would happen if Trump dropped out and replaced him on the ballot,” Karl told GMA’sGeorge Stephanopoulos.

I think they might give him a little push!

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One Response to Humpty Trumpty And His Very Good Wall

  1. Well suggesting that he might drop out should start a Tweet avalanche from Trump of his victimization!

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