Donnie Got Schlonged


The very bad week for “Little Donnie of the beautiful long fingers.”

His wife schlonged him by borrowing from Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech. Trump, who hires the best people, did not catch it.

Josh Marshall has an excellent post at TPM about Melania and Meredith McIver being completely out of their depth writing a speech of this magnitude. And no one checked it! They just stuck it into the teleprompter and let her roll.

After ditching the original draft, Melania then brought in a Trump Organization staffer who helps write Trump’s now numerous shlock memoirs. The Art of the Deal may not be your taste in literature. But it was hugely successful. For the genre it must have been well-authored. I’ve looked at some of the recent titles. It’s sad. They are the Trump Steaks to Trump Tower. So Melania and Meredith McIver went to work writing the speech – one who speaks English as a second language and another who may never have written a speech before, certainly not at the level of a prime time address at a presidential nominating convention. (Note that at least once before Trump has used McIver as a fallgal to justify one of his own deceits.) Somehow in the process they managed to plagiarize a significant chunk of a speech by not just anyone but by the last women to ascend to the First Ladyship eight years ago.

Regarding Ted Cruz, Marshall had this to say…

This is the man [Trump] who constantly rails against the “stupid” people in our government who let the Chinese and other “crafty” foreigners steal our lunch and humiliate us in front of the world. They are, you’ll remember, laughing at us. We don’t win any more so we can’t be great. But Trump will fix that. Yet here we have Trump, the self-professed ballbreaker, the master of cutting the best deal, get – only the vulgarity will do Trump justice – just fucked by Ted Cruz in front of millions, or schlonged as Trump memorably put it. And all this when Trump had all the cards and Cruz had none.

As Charles Pierce said:

So, on Wednesday night, when Cruz declined formally to endorse the candidate, and when he got lustily booed for his trouble, it was hard not to admire the pure cussedness of the man. He certainly showed more stones than the rest of the lickspittles who are riding in the cattle cars of the Trump train, and that includes Young Marco Rubio, who beamed his surrender into the hall by video.

Cruz also schlonged Trump. And that was only last night. I don’t think Trump was the winner there. Josh Marshall wonders how this will effect Trump’s speech tonight. He thinks he will go after Cruz when he really should be going after Hillary.

It’s hard to believe that Trump won’t spend a good deal of his time or at least much of his emotional energy tonight making the case not against Hillary Clinton but lashing out at Ted Cruz, a man who is irrelevant to Trump politically but hurt him in a devastating way. As I write this, I hesitate because it is impossible to imagine that tonight of all night’s Trump and his handlers can’t keep him literally and figurativelyon script. After all, a convention speech is literally reading a script. And yet Trump’s Razor confronts us: the stupidest possible outcome must be the one to bet on.

I haven’t even gone there about his NATO comments, mostly because we are going solar tomorrow and I have to clean the house.


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6 Responses to Donnie Got Schlonged

  1. Judy says:

    ANOTHER campaign finance violation

  2. Judy says:

    I cannot confirm this but….. allegedly………… the Rolling Stones “You can’t always get what you want ” played on a loop prior to Trump announcing Pence as his running mate

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Hey, I missed you in NY. And oh my!

    • crow says:

      That’s the song they played at the convention close, too, during the balloon drop.

      It was interesting to finally see Barron Trump. During the Star of David controversy Trump mentioned that his son would come home from school and draw stars, so I was expecting to see a much younger child. I wonder if Donald realizes that his son is not 5 years old anymore.

      Barron looked very much like Donald – slouched over and his jacket unbuttoned. He didn’t smile, wave or interact with anyone. At one point Donald put his hands on Barron’s arms and Barron shrugged them away. He kicked a few balloons, but mostly just stood there, disconnected from everything. Frankly, he looks disturbed.

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