Clinton Campaign Trolls Christie – Day 3

Courtesy of The Guardian:

Politicians: Janus-faced or what. Last night here in Cleveland, New Jersey governor Chris Christie had America’s most fervent Republicans on their feet yelling “Guilty!” and chanting “Lock her up!” as he “prosecuted” Hillary Clinton for “crimes” and misdeeds from Little Rock to Libya.

But it emerges that Christie missed his chance to make a citizen’s arrest in February, when he ran into Clinton on a CNN set in New Hampshire. Instead of arresting her, he gave her one of his trademark hugs, and asked her to “say hi to the president.” Here’s video of a snapchat video circulated today by the Clinton campaign:

And apparently Melania Trump really, really admires Michelle Obama. This convention is surreal!

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2 Responses to Clinton Campaign Trolls Christie – Day 3

  1. Moles says:

    Slightly OT but we have a superb cartoonist called Bill Leak. His effort this morning was pure gold, I just hope this link lets you see it:

    Just click on “Begin Gallery”

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